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It’s so interesting to see how styles change throughout the decades. Watch any movie from ten, twenty, or more years ago and witness a drastic change in style. Clothes, houses, cars, and so much more changes. I have no doubt things will continue to change in the decades to come. In our younger years, we experience such rapid change and growth that our mindsets must continually play catchup with our circumstances. When we were young, it was always about getting to the next age bracket. When asked our age, we would respond twelve and a half, or almost thirteen. But something happens when we enter adulthood and the workforce. We enter a new mindset. Life becomes centered around working, paying bills, raising a family, and so on.

Before we know it, years pass and then decades. Life in many ways is repetitive, and we may find ourselves stuck in the same mindset for decades. The trouble is life still goes on, which in some cases, leaves our mindsets behind. Careers grow. Children grow. Our bodies age. At twenty, we feel invincible. By thirty, we realize this is not true. By forty, our body reminds us that we are not twenty anymore.

If you have photographs of yourself from many years before, it is easy to see the change in style of your wardrobe over the years. What is harder to see is whether there has been a change in your mindset. Since our thoughts are not visible, we cannot easily look and see the changes. It takes a deep look, not from the outside but within. We must reflect on where we were and acknowledge where we are now. The hard part of this is we may not like what we see. It’s tempting to hold on to the past, the ways things were. But life does not work that way. We must learn to accept the difference and move on.

If you keep a mindset that is out of style with where you are in life, it will bring disappointment, frustration, and countless problems. It puts you at risk of looking ridiculous or appearing to lack intelligence. You must make an honest assessment of where you are at. Ignoring the truth does not make it go away. In fact, doing that often makes the problems much worse.

When a child is birthed into this world, expected or not, the parents owe it to the child to change their mindset. They should no longer run around putting themselves first before the child. They must develop a new mentality that puts the needs of the child before their wants, which means making sacrifices. They may not be able to drive brand new cars or buy the latest gadgets. This is not to say they cannot have nice things but they must develop a more long term way of thinking that plans ahead for emergency expenses and education.

When a person enters a committed relationship, it means they must adapt a new style of thinking. It is no longer acceptable to flirt with persons outside of that committed relationship. Even looking at another person too long with physical desire risks driving a wedge between them. The truth is that our eyes are never satisfied. Seeking to fulfill their desire will only lead to unfulfillment. We must, instead, live with a mindset on another level. The point is, there are ages and stages of life that we go through. If we do not continually adjust our mindset to stay in style with where we are, it can wreak havoc on our lives. The lack of proper budgeting may one day leave your child lacking necessities in life. They deserve better. Living with a single mindset while in a committed relationship will put you at risk of being single again. Your partner deserves better. Don’t wait until you are older to plan for your future. Think in style so that your future self will thank you.

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