About Me

Throughout life’s challenges we search for inspiration in many forms. It is our sincere desire to find hope that things can change for the better in our lives. The struggle grips us so tightly at times that waiting for the next breath leaves us gasping for air.

Punch after punch, life hits us hard. We want to be left alone but this relentless opponent keeps coming. After growing weary, we fall to the floor. Broken. Dejected. We lie on the floor and watch life walk away unscathed, without a single scratch.

It is in moments like these that we define ourselves. Negative thoughts rush into our minds like mighty gusts of wind, violently shaking our will. The urge to quit grows like wild fire, scorching everything in its path. If we let it, life will consume us with tragedy and failure. If.

Resist the desire to quit. For every thought that tells us something contrary, we must combat it with something stronger. To get stronger, we must build ourselves up. It is my hope and prayer to inspire my readers. To give hope where it was once absent. To plant a seed that will one day grow into a marvelous treasure in your lives. Change is out there and it’s out there for you.