For You Brother

This is my first video! It is an introduction and welcome to the For You Brother YouTube channel. In 2007, my brother died unexpectedly, and nothing has ever hurt so badly. I have come a long way and was ready to share my experience. My hopes are that someone will relate to my story and that we can interact. Not everyone has experienced this sort of loss, but others have experienced even greater loss. My heart goes out to each one of you. Tragedy comes in many forms but those we love so dearly that have passed on would likely want us to live the best lives possible. There are times when that seems impossible but when we have others to lean on, it makes the journey more manageable. While it doesn’t make the pain go away, it does make it more bearable. I hope you will join me in future videos where I will share more of my story. Take care!

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What Do Your Actions Reveal?

What do your actions reveal? I’ve been guilty of saying a lot of things over the years but when I looked back over my actions, they did always speak as loudly as my words. In this video, my goal is to help viewers take a look at what is important to them and compare it to the actions taken that day. The third column in the example table represents what changes they need to make in order for their actions to align with what is most important to them. With this knowledge, it is simple enough to formulate an action plan and follow through.

It’s your life. I hope you take a few minutes to think about how you will live it!

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I finished my goal of sharing the story of my brother’s death, which I did in a set of nine videos. Afterward, I wondered whether to share a little more. No longer having an older brother who would share opinions with me, I found others who stepped up to fulfill that role. It left me thinking I should do the same for others. The thing about opinions is they often come free, so we have to be careful to whom we listen because they do not have to live with the consequences, but we do. However, when we take in valuable information from another, it can help change our mindset, which changes the way we think over time. This, in turn, helps move us into a better life.

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