Win or Lose, Together

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Win or lose, the whole team experiences it together. When a team wins, each player might think about how much effort they individually put into it. Their ego wants to cry out, “I did it!” But in reality, they never did it alone. Absolutely there are gifted people out there. But talent alone will not win the game; teamwork does.

When the game is about to end, that final pass, field goal, homerun, whatever method of scoring all could shift the score to a win. But if they miss it for any reason, we tend to blame the person who missed as if it were completely their fault. Had the team itself played a little better, perhaps the remaining seconds of the game would not have put so much pressure on one individual.

Similarly, God placed support systems in our lives to help us win at life. These people give us emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual support. They can act as mentors guiding us to better decisions. But as important as winning is, we must recognize that we also lose together too. If you are a parent, when your child loses, you feel pain as well. If your spouse loses, you will feel their pain. So, if you happen to lose, do not run away from your support system, your team.

Together we must share each other’s victories and defeats. When we win, we must not boast of our efforts, but of the commitment of our team. When we lose, we must all accept the blame and learn from our mistakes. We must encourage and challenge one another. Win or lose, let’s do it together!

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It’s ok to be Weak

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Our tendency is to hate ourselves when we see weakness. This is especially true when we are around others who do not have the same weakness. We completely overlook the fact that no matter who it is, they have a weakness too. They might not show it. I think we would all be surprised if we really knew what was going on in each other’s heads. Some of the people we think most have their stuff together might be the ones who would surprise us the most.

Weakness isn’t a good thing, but it doesn’t have to keep us held back. When you isolate yourself, your weakness tends to be magnified. However, when you learn how to put strength in weak places, it can sustain you in places that were once not possible. Examples of this can be found nearly any place one looks at a structural design. There are often huge cables found on bridges that would otherwise collapse under the tremendous loads they endure. Roof trusses have braces that help to support the load, especially in areas with snowfall. Sheet metal is flimsy but when it is bent, it gains more strength and will not flex nearly as much. Even two separate pieces of steel can be welded together. The joint where they are joined together might appear to be a weak spot. However, the material the weld is made of is often stronger than the steel it is welding together. Thus, the weak was made strong, by adding something external to itself to reinforce it.

The same principle applies with people. Many business owners are terrible in certain areas and readily admit it. But they don’t let it stop them from succeeding. They often end up hiring people who performed better than they did in school. Most leaders surround themselves with others who flourish in areas where they are weak. In turn, the leader excels where others do not. It’s why everyone is not a CEO and not everyone is at lower levels of an organization. If not for the combination of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, most businesses would fail. But when joined together, the businesses thrive.

In relationships, opposites often attract. It makes it harder when everyone shares identical strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if neither person can manage their finances, they put themselves at a higher risk. If both have strong tempers, they will spend all their time yelling at each other. But when you find the right combination, an unstoppable force is created.

It’s ok to be weak. Sure, you can work insanely hard to improve your weakness because it may be possible to do that. But if you’ve tried to overcome your weaknesses and can’t, it might be time to focus on building your strengths. In the meantime, join together with someone who is strong where you are weak. Then find your strength! We are not all gifted in the same ways. This is why the world needs each other. This is why the world needs you!