What is God’s Return on Investment?

Photo by Alesia Kozik on Pexels.com

Save, save, save. We have all heard how important it is to save up for a rainy day, as well as for retirement. Each contribution adds to the prior ones, ultimately creating a fund that should sustain us for the remainder of our lives. Part of the reason we keep saving along the way is the joy in watching our savings grow. But with all investments, risk varies from one investment to the next.

The riskier the investment, the higher the return, but only if things go in your favor. The opposite can be true, meaning every deposit made into that investment could disappear altogether. For the latter reason, most people stay away from such risky investments because they do not want to lose everything. Who wants to spend a lifetime pouring into something that may lead only to disappointment?

While we may not all be wise investors, we can usually tell right away when something is not working to our benefit. It usually does not take us long to cut off whatever it is that is not giving us the return on investment that we were looking for. Imagine seeing another investor pouring in resources, day after day, year after year. For years, we may have known firsthand that the investment appeared to return nothing positive whatsoever. Instead, it brought only discouragement, showing red in the negative column of the balance sheet. What if that investor was so convinced of their investment, they poured in even more? The entire world would look on with disgust, and possibly a pity. The sorry thing just does not know what is good. If they were smart, they would cut their losses and abandon that investment.

When others see an investment as a lost cause, there is one investor that refuses to quit. When it no longer makes sense, this investor breaks all the rules. When the seemingly poor investment choice clearly yields a negative return and pays no dividend, they choose to keep on investing. For a lifetime, they add to the investment, waiting for the day it finally pays off. Whether it pays off or not is yet to be determined.

God believes and invests in you. What will be the return on that investment?

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